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The Joint Helicopter Support Unit
The Quote book is a collection of mishaps, misfortune and the damn right stupidity of the majority of JHSU personnel from 88-91
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JHSU -A Brief History

The Joint Helicopter Support Unit (JHSU) was a joint organisation of the British Army and the Royal Air Force, located at RAF Odiham and RAF Guetersloh.
It was formed in July 1982, following the introduction of the Chinook HC MK1 Helicopter. Personnel were mainly drawn from the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT) and and the Royal Air Force (RAF).
JHSU was structured on a 70/30% ratio. The 70% was of Army origin and comprised of several different cap badges, ranging from the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT), Adjutant General Corps (Staff and Personnel Support) (AGC(SPS)) to Infantry soldiers from the Green Howards, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (RRF) and the Household Division. In addition there was an attachment of Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME), providing equipment support, Royal Artillery and the Royal Engineers. The RAF provided personnel from the Movements, MT Tech and Clerical trade groups.

Active service included:


Gulf War


Northern Ireland

Sierra Leone


In 1999 the Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) was formed to bring together, under one command, battlefield helicopters of the Royal Navy (RN), Army and Royal Air Force (RAF). JHC delivers the core effects of LIFT, FIND and ATTACK on the battlefield supporting ground forces in the Land, Littoral and Maritime environments. JHSU is now called the Joint Helicopter Support Squadron (JHSS) and operates from RAF Benson and RAF Odiham.

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