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The Joint Helicopter Support Unit
The Quote book is a collection of mishaps, misfortune and the damn right stupidity of the majority of JHSU personnel from 88-91
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The Quote Book

23 01 89 Dorbaum. Whilst night flying SAC Wright got out his cock for us to inspect the cigarette burn on the end of it. Steve Goddard was heard to say "Well, did it hurt then?"

24 01 89 Goldgrund. A Certain Chris Davis was testing the fire extinguisher and let off some of the contents. SAC Wright then asked "Does that burn?"

25 01 89 Crew Bar. Mick Sullivan was having a chat with Rocky. Mick "I was going for a run at dinner time but with all this fog, it will burn my lungs. Rocky stated "Well wear a woolly hat then" To which Mick replied "But I don't breath through my Ears!"

24 01 89 Crew Bar. Whilst waiting around for our usual 16.30 knock off (haha) Sgt Rae was discussing about our day in the swimming pool "We will be leaving at 13.00 tomorrow" he stated L\Cpl Baron inquired "What's the dress code tomorrow Sarge, tracksuit?" to which Sgt Rae explained "Yes, if you want to swim in a track suit, by all means!"

Night flying Sennelager. Whilst checking for the wind direction to set out the landing point, Cpl Goddard was heard to say "If you are not sure of the wind direction, check the clouds!" The rest of us peered into the sky to see there was in fact - No Clouds!!"

25 01 89. Sennelager. Whilst triangulating the "T" Sgt Nokes was heard to say "Whether it be 6 inches or half a foot, it does not really matter!"

10 02 89. Statement from Don (Not know Cator you fool) Cador. I have just 3 words to say to you "F**k off and die"

10 02 89 Crew Room. Dvr Bohan to L/Cpl (Big Ear) Taff Rogers. "Taff, did you know there was a briefing for B Section at Midday. After a delayed reaction Taff says "What time is it then?"

21.00 hrs. Movers Bar. L/Cpl (Nicks best mate) Dennison was playing a very aged member of the GEF at Darts.. Dennison, requiring the X8 missed all three attempts. The older member stepped up to the Ockey and won the game by getting his required double at the first attempt. The scorer then wiped the board clean. L/Cpl Dennison then approached the Ockey continuing for his double, hitting the single 8 and then going for double 4. He then looked around to see all the members of the darts team with puzzled looks on their faces. Moral - Watch, Look and Listen Knobby!

On a certain exercise in February, a 4 Tonner pulls in to MRA 1 where it is met by Cpl (Baldy) Shearer. Due to the time of day, darkness was all about. Cpl Shearer turned away dazzled by the said vehicles headlights. After speaking to the Dvr concerned Shearer warned him to remember to "Put his lights on"??? Was it a case of the lights were on but nobody's home?

20 02 89. Whilst a few (very few) members of the unit were rolling up the nets and holding a conversation about last weeks exercise, Rocky pipes up with " I didn't have a shower Thursday, became I knew we were coming back to camp on Friday"

Lofty is a Lou-sie speller and in fact is Smilers Son a female?

22 02 89. Whilst having a NAAFI break in the Crew Room, several people were playing hunt the C**t. Dvr Parsons explains "You only throw the King of Spades down when A you don't have the Queen or B you do have the Queen!"




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