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The Joint Helicopter Support Unit
The Quote book is a collection of mishaps, misfortune and the damn right stupidity of the majority of JHSU personnel from 88-91
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The Quote Book

OC (Officer Commanding) Addressing the squad. "There was one team that went out with only 3/4 of a tent and they looked right c**ts when they come to put it up and half of it was missing!"

27 10 88 Goldgrund Helicopter Handling Course. Whilst preparing for the HH course night flying task, the first Chinook was hooking up in daylight, Dvr Pittaway was indulging in an extremely intellectual conversation with Dvr Knobby Quantock Pitts turned to Knobby and stated "I wouldn't stand under one of those things!" To which Knobby said seriously in front of the students "I Have!" Knobby - Sweat of the Year!

01 11 88 Captain N A Smith OC JHSU addressing the Troops. "With the weather being as it is now, its bound to get worse by November!"

08 11 88 Al Patterson to Jock Bohan. "Hey, Jock, you coming to the Summer Ball this Christmas?"

08 11 88 Jock Hales to Bob. "Hey Bob, we have got to check the Tent. Bob inquired "Where are we going to put it?" Jock "up!!"

10 11 88 Whilst pondering over a map of the exercise area L/Cpl Jock Hales asked "Where's Celle?" Cpl Phil Ralph then said Jokingly "Below my Living room!" L/Cpl Hales then asked "Where's that?"

14 11 88. 14.00 hours Exercise Green Blade. B Section were happily standing around when SAC Ryan asked where the water was, the reply came back "In the Bowser" Minutes later he returned with a puzzled look asked. "Which tap is for THE HOT WATER!"

Exercise Green Blade. On arrival of the Warrant Officer at B sections location, he asked Dvr Nibloe "Nibbs, have you got a pencil battery?" Nibbs replied "no" The WO then asked " if anyone had 2 Pencil Batteries" to which Nibbs replied "I have, I've got 2" then promptly gave the WO a box of 10!!

Sometime during Exercise iron Hammer, radio message. "Hello 44A (Cliff Davis) this is 44E (Woody) 34D (Bob) is trying to contact you, over" "44A - Understood, but nothing understood, over!"

Hohne Ranges. Whilst on task Kev Wakefield was seen by Clyde Skilling driving a AFU 432. As Kev pulled up and jumped out Clyde asked and quote "Can you drive one of those then!"

05 12 88 - MT Office. Russ Carter was attempting to pay for his Christmas Ball tickets, was told by Dvr Davis "If your Bringing a Girl, its 4 Marks but if its a bloke then its 7 Marks" Russ then replied "But I cant see the difference between a Bloke and a Girl!" This just goes to show what we thought all along about Cherry Boy Carter! Signed John Ellis

John Ellis should instead of becoming an Officer, become a Sun reporter because he can not report the facts as they happen - I rest my case. Russ Carter

Exercise Iron Hammer. Dvr Sheridan during one of his waffle periods was heard to say "I had a friend once that was chased up a tree by a wild Boar, he had to phone the Guard Room for assistance" The said person happened to find a tree compete with phone and extension number for the Local Guard Room!!

10 01 89 Screws Office. Whilst discussing various bars in Garmisch, Russ Carter mentioned "The Cellar Bar" Gary Hales exclaimed "Oh was that the one Downstairs?"

23 01 89 - Outside B 70. Jock Hales. "Do it after NAAFI break Steve. To which Steve replied. "Don't put off before NAAFI break what you can do after!"



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