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The Joint Helicopter Support Unit
The Quote book is a collection of mishaps, misfortune and the damn right stupidity of the majority of JHSU personnel from 88-91
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The Quote Book

13 11 90. Starkie to The Q. "Staff, do you know if we have got any smaller 6ft tables?!"

26 11 90. Choky Clare after seeing the "Days of Thunder" stated "Its a really good film....just like Top Gun!"

BB 281 - Top Floor - during a long POWER CUT.

Quote 1

Denis Austin "Im well Pissed off, im going out tonight and my jeans are still wet!"

Jock Service "Don't Worry, just IRON them dry!"

Quote 2

Chris Lenton "This is toss, I haven't got any Beers in my fridge"

Smudger "Its doesn't matter, they would be COLD anyway!"

Quote 3

Smudger "This is bollocks, were going to miss Emmerdale"

Chris Lenton "Its OK, I will video it!"

Captain "Mrs." Tower arrived outside the Unit in Her Car for Andy Raeburn to inspect a problem with the said Car. After Inspection, Andy Informed the OC's Wife "Im Afraid its the Track Rod and Drive Shaft!!" Mrs. Tower then Exclaimed "Thank Goodness for that, I thought it was the TYRE!!!"

Cpl Agutter posed a question "Where are all those books I threw out?" Looking around the bemused faces present in the Officer at the time L/Cpl Hogan replied saying "In The BIN!!"

Pondering over an Operation Granby vehicle check list, Dvr Nairn asked "What's Zero times 8" OX8 you plum!!

Mess 20 12 90. SAC "Bean Stealer" Flemming was discussing "The Bill" He stated "There are some really horny looking birds in the background...here it comes...but they never get any BIG parts. Fnar, Fnar" SAC Austin, Cpl Millar and SAC Lockett (Unlocket) collapsed into their baked beans!

After completing a days NBC training near 3 Sqn prior to deployment to The Gulf, SAC Lenton was driving back to the unit passing Dusty's merry band of warriors. Chris stopped and asked quite pleasantly "Do you want a lift" One of the merry band then asked "Is this a test?" Guess who it was... L/Cpl Caines!!

17 01 91 (Gulf remfs) While discussing the latest films on at the cinema. L/Cpl Hogan asked if anyone was going. SAC Lenton asked what was on to which Hogan replied "Betsy's Wedding" SAC Lenton stated that he had heard it was a good film. Sgt Wright then pipes up and says "Yeah, its supposed to be the funniest film this year" SAC Lenton explained "Yeah Dave, but its only January!!!"

And that ends the famous "Quote Book" Hope you enjoyed remembering the "Good Old Days" If you want a copy, please click here. I will be adding some bits from the past and if you one day stumble across an old quote, or perhaps slip up, let me know and I will add it. Good Luck to you all. Miles Caines. GSM and Bar!!!!!!



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