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The Joint Helicopter Support Unit
The Quote book is a collection of mishaps, misfortune and the damn right stupidity of the majority of JHSU personnel from 88-91
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The Quote Book

13 10 88 Crew Bar. Andy Glennon (The Non) was explaining the location of a Pub in Minden. "Yeah, its a great Pub, It Sells Schulthies Beer" "I went there once with the German Bundeswehir!" Question? Is there any OTHER Bundeswehir

Buer P*ss up SAC Wright. "I actually quite like the WO Ops"

06 10 88 01.00 hrs. Whilst frequenting the Club 47 exclusive Nightclub, Andy Glennon "The Man About Town" informed the rest of the JHSU Single lads - "Your all boring, get pi**ed on camp then back to your beds, I have been going out clubbing for 5 and a half years and I don't intend to stop now - you all coming or what!" Like Sheep we followed our Shepherd, the Man with so much experience on socializing and womanizing took us to an exclusive early morning Disco. On arriving our guide and translator disappeared and being young servicemen thought the Non had scored. But Whilst visiting the Toilets we found him slumped over a urinal extracting the nights takings from his stomach. He then spent the remaining 2 and half hours of our mystery tour sat slumped in the corner of the Men's room, covered in sick!

19 10 88. One Clyde (Showler) stated "Im Not fu**ing sleeping in the cab again tonight, my legs were bent all night" With this he attempted to inflate his air bed. After lots of puff he explained "That will do, I'll kip her" Once in his maggot he laid down, sharply striking his head on the compo. "O F**k" shortly followed by the bending of legs to go to sleep. " F**k off you lot" This statement was pointed at the three laughing shivering wrecks sitting in the front of the Bedford. Steve Wright also slept there, snoring his head off all night (2 beers and im F**ked!")

I do not snore at all - Signed S Wright.

Ref 19 10 88. If this book is to be used for statements, make them f**king funny! Signed NCO IC GSM and Bar

24 10 88. Screws Office. Streaky. Three weeks before becoming a Civi declared "Im going to get both my ears pierced when I get out ... and my nose ............. If I had a little nose!!"

24 10 88 Radio Store. L/Cpl Solomons was stating the fact that he had been spammed for Bonfire duty, moving all the wood from the gas compound to the designated place for the fire. L/Cpl "The Non" Glennon then exclaimed "With all the fires we have been having on Camp lately, what a stupid place to store all this wood" Quite a reasonable statement we all thought until he stated chuckling and quote "The H2O bomb of Gutersloh". Is this not the chemical Formulae of Water?

Dvr Caines is not only outstanding at English, he also has a degree in Science!! Signed Dvr Pittaway

25 10 88 Crew Room. Streaky was sitting playing Draughts when the news came on the radio and it said "over 75,000 children run away from home each year". Dvr Lacrosse then inquired "I wonder where they all go?" To Which L/Cpl Bacon replied "Away!!"

Just a thought. Did Andy Glennon or Cainsey ever attend School? Are they in fact totally inert substances? Or did they write their contributions to this Journal whilst standing on their heads and clasping the pen between their toes, during one of their famous nights out!!

25 10 88 Crew Room. Jock Hales had just taken his coveralls off and said to Jock Bohan "Hurry up will you" Andy Glennon, noticing that Hales had a PT vest on asked "Are you going for a run?" Jock Hales replied "Its to near Christmas for that sh*t!" Bohan butted in and stated "Ill have you know that next year is going to be a new year for me!" Jock Hales laughed "Its going to be a new year for everybody!!"



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