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The Joint Helicopter Support Unit
The Quote book is a collection of mishaps, misfortune and the damn right stupidity of the majority of JHSU personnel from 88-91
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The Quote Book

Whilst SAC "Nearly a Vagrant" Phillips was frequenting L/Cpl Hogan with one of his name dropping stories, He stated "Once when me and my brother came back from Hong Kong" He was stopped in mid flow by L/Cpl Hogan who said "Aus, just pick that name off the floor that Vagrant just dropped." Then L/Cpl Caines proceeded to look on the floor

Quote by Aus Denison "I am only a Human being" What a Joke. Signed Dvr Nibloe

Cpl "Want a bet" Shearer can put up 12 by 12 Tents long ways. For all those interested in this course, contact Dave at the Training Wing Ex 1921. If anyone can work out how you put up a square tent long ways will pass the course!

01 06 89 Goldgrund. Whilst Night Flying Sgt Dave Wright was looking at various delights that the compo box contained and said "You could live off this lot!"

Dave Shearer is the jammiest man in NATO. If you fell in a river he would come out dry, smelling of roses....and a salmon in each pocket

10 06 89 In a Landrover on return from Bielefeld. Woody says "Dave are you cold?" Dave replied" I will be 22 next Month!"

12 06 89. Pay Sgt to Bob Lacrosse. "Where can I find Capt. Tower?" To which Bob replied "Capt Tower?, who's that then!" Obviously, Bob spends so much time w***ing he has not notice that we have had a new OC for almost 5 Months!

13 06 89. L/Cpl Hulse to L/Cpl Baron. "Oi, Big Mouth, Shut your Nose"

From Viv in the Crew Room. "I had 2 teeth in my mouth and the Dentist took 4 out - Ha Ha"

From Dave Q "The highest Dom I have ever had is a double 6"

04 07 89 Exercise Green Blade. L/Cpl John Baillie was heard to say in the Team Leaders Office. "F***s sake, this is the hottest planet on Earth!"

Whilst walking back to the Unit, L/Cpl Hogan, L/Cpl Caines and L/Cpl Pitts passed a Rover with Dvr Nibloe sat in. After fits of laughter at seeing Nibloe (A natural reaction) Dvr Nibloe says "What a bunch of no balls!" then promptly stalled the Rover

On a rates job at Oldenburg during July 89, L/Cpl Bohan commented that the wives club were having an Ann Summers party that night. SAC "Smiler" Buchanan then butted in and said "Who's Ann Summers, a WRAF?" Say no more

Exercise Hookers Hop - Garmisch Partenkirchen. Whilst looking at a plastic Wig Wam L/Cpl Caines said "What's that tent over there?" to which L/Cpl Davis replied "its an Igloo"

12 12 89. Whilst discussing Christmas day and which day it fell on this year, Steve (REME) referred to the calendar and called out to SAC Ryan (future screw) "What date is it?" Sack Ryan replied "on the 25th" which just goes to show the level of inelegance the blow jobs have on the unit.

He (sack Ryan) has given a few!!!!

No sexual discrimination us allowed in this Unit. You should treat the opposite sex with the respect they deserve!

On a CVRT lift with the TA, Cpl Smudge Smith was talking to a Lady Journalist and was heard to ask "Which paper do you work for" She replied "The Daily Telegraph" Smudge then asked "What's that then, a local paper?"



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