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The Joint Helicopter Support Unit
The Quote book is a collection of mishaps, misfortune and the damn right stupidity of the majority of JHSU personnel from 88-91
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The Quote Book

02 04 90. Crew Bar. Whilst discussing L/Cpl Hogans leave L/Cpl Pittaway asked "What ferry did you get Scouse?" To which he replied " Zeebrugge to Oostende!!"

05 04 90. Dave (Knobby) Quantock whilst re addressing mail was heard to inquire "Mr. Shaun B Johnson, that's Baz Downer isn't it?"

As another cleaning exercise was underway, Dvr Bown was heard to ask what an annual fitness test was. After having this explained to him he then questioned "How often do you get one of those then!!?"

Whilst sailing in Keil - Dvr Porthouse "What language do the Danish Speak then?"

Dan (Not now Cator you Fool) Cador "I like it hard!" What the f**k is he on about?

08 06 90. Crew Room After reading the quote book, the Chief Clerk closed the book and laughingly said "There are some crackers in there, you could write a book about them!!"

08 06 90. Crew Room. L/Cpl "Big nose" Barron whilst standing in the queue to get served, He noticed that the Tupperware container containing the ONIONS was lying on the counter UPSIDE down. L/Cpl Barron then was heard to comment " What the F**k are SNOINO'S ?"

22 06 90 - Crew Bar. Cpl Millar to Dvr Hainsworth "Where is everyone?" to which he received the reply "On A BFT, I think" in Walks the L/Cpl "The Non" Glennon.. Dvr Hainsworth says to L/Cpl Glennon "Have you gone yet?"

25 06 90 - Crew Bar. Whilst discussing the latest in a long line of rumors started by the Wives Club, Cpl Dave Shearer was heard to State "These rumors are all a load of shit, we should turn a blind ear to them all!"

Exercise Gentle Gallop (Ha Ha) 02 - 06 July 90. US Base Bremerhaven. WO Skelton was gathering everyone together and we all were awaiting the usual extremely vague morning brief, an approaching reporter was spied by Mr. Skelton and Quote " OK Lads, this chap is from the Starts and Stripes. He wants to take photos and interview one of us. Whoever it is he wants to interview, just tell him exactly what we did tomorrow!!"

16 07 90. SAC Hall on finding a 9x9 tent bag in the team pack up asked "How big is a 9x9 then?"

04 09 90. Crew Bar L/Cpl Hogan (Begorah), Dvr Porthouse (2 pints and im bullet proof) SAC Austin (Cock of Coventry) and Sig Amos (O Troops Mensa rep) were discussing underpants and Suffragettes, Sig Amos was heard to say "Suffragettes - They are Women who give away their babies aren't they?"

10 09 90. Whilst discussing a "Do" at the old Airfield lounge, Cpl (Bungalow) Wheeler asked "Who's that blonde in the mustard blouse?" to which came the reply "That's the new ATLO" Bungalow then asked "O, what's her second name then?!"

On return from Vogelsang, Cpl (Baldy) Shearer was to say "Aw Shit! Dave Wrights got my Wife's Christmas present, and its her Birthday today!"

On exercise. Sgt Wright (alright Ducky Poo's) was heard to say "The wanker has only given me a 5 figured grid reference" to which came the puzzled reply "Dave, that's the Telephone number!"

"That's a nice pink lighter Dave, where did you get it, from a woman?" to which Dave replied "No...My Wife"

25 10 90 - Crew Room. SAC Austin asks "Hey Bown, have you got a knob! Oh, I mean a knife"

31 10 90 - Crew Room. Inquiring about a forthcoming LPC course, Dave Shearer said to Dougie Cornish "Dougie, when's the LPC Course" to which he replied "The 19th November" Dave then remembered "Oh, The 2ic's on that one isn't he?" Dougie agreed and then Dave asked "and Flt Lt Morgan?"

08 11 90. Starkie walked into the Chief Clerks Office to ask if the Chief wanted anything taken to Monchengladbach. The Chief replied "Whilst your in Bielefeld, could you go to 10 Regt for me!"

09 11 90. L/Cpl "Crazy Horse Cador" to L/Cpl Douglas. "Have you got your tickets for the Summer Ball?" Steve Douglas then enquired "No, when is it?" Crazy Horse then replied "Its the 8th December"



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